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Monday, January 24, 2011

Autism Resources -Part 6

Another Monday…another start to the week.

Hmmm, I was just wondering, did you read that statement with negativity and dread for your week or with enthusiasm and excitement that this week is going to be great? It’s all up to you, you know, as to how you will view your week, your day, and this moment. Yes, there will be frustrations and challenges and the occasional co-workers whose heads you’d like to pinch off, but that should not define your day. Only you can define your day and chose how you’ll let others affect it! Don’t give other people your moment, your day, or your week. Chose now to have a great moment, day, and week! Just wanted to give you a pep talk this morning!


There are many, many, many websites you can explore regarding Autism and we have only targeted a few. In fact today’s focus is number six and our final in this series. We certainly encourage you to Google, Bing, or otherwise search this topic further and hope that the sites which we have shared have given you a broad assortment of useful information. We’ve tried to cover it from the needs of the teacher to the needs of the student, and that brings us to today’s website

Zacbrowser stands for Zone for Autistic Children. It was created by a grandfather out of love for his grandson “Zackary”. When he (the grandfather) saw how frustrated his grandson became in attempting to use a standard computer browser, he determined that he would develop something less frustrating for his grandson. As they explain on their website regarding the creation of Zac Browser, “Following the disappointing results obtained with the use of a conventional browser, we designed a software package specifically adapted for him. We designed a "full screen" program that cannot access the task bar, the Start menu and also cancels the right hand function of the mouse. The buttons are limited to essential functions and the browser prevents the child from accessing inappropriate sites. Children suffering from autism are known for being able to adapt easily to PECS (pictograms) so we designed an icon based navigation system like the PECS system. “

This is an internet browser developed specifically for children with variants of autism spectrum disorders. It allows children to access games, activities and videos specifically chosen for their positive effect. You really have to see it to understand it.

Because of having first-hand experience with the expense of educating a child with Autism they offer this software completely FREE. Now that’s what I call paying it forward! So now you have no reason to not download it for your students.

Next week we begin a four week series on a potpourri of interactive resources. Things that can be used with whiteboards, power points, game links, and etc. are just a few of the resources we’ll share.

To close as I began, if you determine to have a good day and week, it will spread to your kids’ enthusiasm for coming to therapy!

Dean and Leah

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