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Sunday, January 30, 2011


January ends today. YAY, I made it through! This has been snowy month here in Kentucky. Our local school districts have been closed for many days, and we still have 6 weeks until spring! If this pattern continues, I sadly see a loss of Spring Break for many districts.

If you’ve been out of school for a few days and need to get yourself psyched up and back into the swing of things, or if you’ve been trudging along this whole month and need to be perked up, today’s website will do just that! We begin this series with FUN by looking at

When the above link opens you will be at Greta’s Game Station from which you can access many fun links such as FunBrain, Fun School, Primary Games for Reading, Interactive Stories, Digby Mole's Word Activities, Free Kids Games at Scholastic, Game Goo, and Preschool. Each of those have numerous fun educational and therapy goal driven activities/games. I would encourage you to take the time to go to each link and look at what is at your fingertips…literally! It will be well worth the time you’ve spent exploring this site for the opportunities and therapy materials you’ll discover. I promise!

After you’ve looked at those links, I want you to scroll on down the Greta’s Game Station page until you see the “for kids” section which has an Index laid out as a grid. Do you see that? All those are power points ready for your use! Won’t cost you any money or time to make materials….just click and go!

Leah and I have used many of these and have favorites that our kids LOVE. One such example (and this is just one of many) is LOVEBIRDS RHYMING WORDS. You’ll find it under the Word Analysis Index –click on Rhyming Words and then you’ll see a list of power-points for words that rhyme --click on Lovebirds Rhyming Words. It will take a few minutes for the game to load. In this game you are identifying/matching words that rhyme. You’ll place a blue bird from the bottom to its rhyming mate on the branches. There is wonderful modeling for the child in this activity and if a mistake is made the child is allowed to try again. This is a stress free game. My little Autistic fellows loved this game and would verbally request it when they entered my therapy room.

As you can see from the Index there are Power-Points for most any educationally relevant language goal you could be targeting. Don’t be afraid to use this type of thing in your therapy. The kids love it, your building supervisor/principal will love that you are incorporating technology into your therapy, and you will love the change of pace and diversity in your personal therapy!

This website is one of our all time top 5.

Next week we’ll expose you to another great online interactive website! Until then have FUN with your kids this week!

Leah and Dean

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