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Friday, August 2, 2013

A Dozen Great ideas for the Start of a New School Year!

No matter how old I become, I will always be aware of the beginning of a new school year.  Ok, I admit it is hard to miss with all the commercials on TV and in the media, but for me it is more than that. It is an internal rhythm set about by 57 years of living on a school schedule, either as a student or school staff member.

 I still love the smell of new crayons and a freshly sharpened pencil. 

 I love the look of a clean sheet of paper. 
The crackling sound a new hardback book makes when you open it for the first time.

The jittery excitement you feel when you walk into the building on that first day.

Going back to school is exciting for many reasons and today I'm going to share with you a dozen great ideas for your start to a new year!   I have compiled a list of things to either help keep you organized throughout the year,  management systems for your classrooms, or to decorate your room and make it fun for you and your kiddos! These items are all readily available from Teachers Pay Teachers stores, which means they are accessible to everyone.  You don't have to live in a big city to find them!!  Isn't that great for those of us who work and live in rural areas?

There are several different planners and data binders listed.  I'm sure you will find the one that matches your style!

1. Speech Therapy Organization and Data Binder by The Speech Bubble 

It doesn't matter if you are just starting out or seasoned veteran, being organized can be tricky. This cute binder contains cover pages and resources to help organize your day, week, year, whatever you may need.
This binder includes: 
- Cover pages for all sections
- Communication log
- Screening tracker
- RtI letter/consent, data tracking form, and progress note
- 2 different data collection sheets
- Session planning form
- Student note sheet
- Testing planning form 
- Monthly calendars from August 2013-December 2015

- Yearly calendars for 2013-2015

Help organize your speech life with this planner! Included are two different designs, polka dots and chevron, so you can mix and match to your style preference! 
-August through July Calendar: Offers enough space to jot down important meetings and give you a broad view of your month.
-Monthly Paperwork Page: Designed to keep track of upcoming IEPs, Re-Evaluations, Screenings, and Evaluations. You have tables to keep jot down student names and due dates.
-Weekly To Do List Page: A view of the week Monday through Friday, making it easy to keep track of what needs to get done!
-Weekly Theme Planning Page: Help organize your therapy by listing books, materials, crafts, and other things needed to plan for the week.
-Cover & Back Pages: Two different cover pages, one reads "SLP Planner" and one "Planner". 

3. Speech In Space-Room Decor by The Speech Bubble

Want your speech room to look out of this world? This packet will help you get your room stellar for you and your speech cadets. This space themed packet contains:

- Clip Chart Behavior Management System ( 6 circles )
- Space theme lettering for bulletin board spelling out “Speech in Space”
- Two large space themed figures for bulletin board
- Speech room rules set: Sign and 4 rules
- Two space themed speech and language certificates for your speech cadets

- 4 hall passes: nurse, office, bathroom, and blank for you to customize

4. Let's Get organized by Simply Speech

This packet includes printable to help keep you organized. It includes:
1. IEP Student List
2. Consult Log
3. Parent Contact Information
4. Parent Contact Log
5. Speech/ Language Referral Log
6. Speech/ Language Screening Log
7. Data Sheet
8. Anecdotal Data Sheet

9. Labels (pre-made and blank)

These pages are designed to print and insert into a three ring binder. 

Pages 1-4: Four different cover options
Page 5: Content list
Pages 6-31: Calendar Pages (July 2013-August 2014 plus blank month)
Pages 32-43: Planning Pages (M-F, one page each for AM and PM sessions)
Pages 44-45: Student Goal Sheets
Page 46: Contact information Sheet (use to keep track of student contact info)
Page 47: Contact Log for documenting parent contact
Page 48: To Do List Page
Page 49: Notes Page
Pages 50-51: Examples of How I use the Planning Pages and Student Goal Sheets.
Pages 52-55: Data Collection Book Covers if you choose to keep these in a separate binder
Updated Per Request to include:
Page 56: Eval & Screening List
Pages 57-68: IEPs and Meetings Monthly Lists
Pages 69-70: Student Attendance

6. Rainy Days and Sunshine Rays Weather Behavior System by The Little Speech Nook

For speech-language pathologists, having a classroom management system in place allows us to maintain a productive, collaborative classroom. This download includes:
*Directions for how system works
*7 classroom posters indicating: "Outstanding Effort!, Making Good Choices, Ready to Learn, Think About Your Choices, Loss of Privilege, and Parent and/or Principal Contact" upon which students monitor their behavior.
*2 pages of numbered cards 1 through 12 that the SLP can use to tag student classroom chairs.
*3 identical pages of smaller versions of numbered cards 1-12 for SLP's to use for tagging clothespins, Velcro-ing, or drawing from a box for use with the classroom system.

*A bar graph worksheet upon which students can monitor how they are feeling each time they come to speech. One page should last for one month. At the end of the month, the SLP can conduct an extension activity discussion how to interpret the graph.

7.  My First Week In Speech by Nicole Allison

Everything you need to start your year off right! Students will know what to expect when they walk into their speech and language room. Stay organized, inform students of their goals and be prepared for school year 2013-2014!

In this 43 page document, you receive:
*1 “Speech Rules” Header
*10 rules, along with 2 blank to create your own
*”My First Week in Speech” in both worksheet and booklet to discuss goals with your students
*”My Speech Room” worksheet
*”My Teachers” worksheet
*17 “Get to Know Me” conversation cards or game
*2 Data Progress Reports for students to keep track of their data
*1 Data Progress Reports for the clinician to keep track of data
*12 Month Calendar, along with 1 blank to keep track of IEPs and evaluations
*2 Star certificates
*3 Parent Letters, along with 1 Intervention Permission Slip

*6 Binder Covers

8. Speech language Pathologist Decor Set Brights by Natalie Snyders

Does your speech-language therapy room need a makeover? Want to add a little pizazz to your existing classroom decorations? This product is for you! (This version includes Rainbow Brights, Retro Rainbow, and Summer Brights. 
This is a complete classroom decor kit designed for SLPs, and includes:
- "Welcome to Speech & Language Therapy" Pennant Banners - 2 versions (rectangular and triangular)
- Incentive Charts - 2 versions
- Speech Sound Signs (for all consonant sounds)
- "Speech-Language Therapy" Sign
- "Speech-Language Therapy with ____" Sign
- Monthly calendar (1 page each for August 2013 - July 2015)
- Rules Poster (1 filled in, 1 blank)
- Small and Large Blank Labels
- Large scalloped letters (2 per page) that spell out "Speech & Language" and "Communicate" - 14 pages

There are 54 unique pages in each theme, plus 14 pages of black and white letters.

9. I Can Statement Posters for SLP Aligned with CCSS by Natalie Snyders

This set of "I can..." posters is designed for speech-language pathologists to use in therapy to help comply with the Common Core State Standards. This stylish set of 28 posters is written in child-friendly "I can" language, and comes in three color schemes (Rainbow Bright, Retro Rainbow, and Summer Brights - please download the preview for samples). Also included is a 5 page chart that lists each "I can" statement and corresponding ELA CCSS (grades K-6). There are 33 unique pages offered in this product, with the rest being different color options. It coordinates perfectly with my SLP Classroom Decor Set in Rainbow Brights!

This set is for any professionals working with students that may need some incentives for improving behavior and acknowledging when a student has gone above and beyond. We all feel good when we know our hard work has been noticed. Use in the classroom, speech therapy or in your counseling sessions.

Documents to help jump-start your career as a Speech-Language Pathologist.
~ Student Referral Form
~ Articulation Concern Referral Form
~ Caseload Schedule Planner
~ Daily Session Planner
~ Weekly Session Planner
~ Therapy Notes form
~ Attendance Data form
~ Speech Progress Chart
~ Progress Chart
~ Communication Log
~ IEP at a Glance
~ IEP Meeting Notes

What better time to learn about the classroom than the start of the new year? 
Create a thematic language unit with the classroom as the focus.
Create 82 task cards for the skill areas of 
Problem Solving
Following Directions

1 Open Ended Board Game-”Best in The Class”
• 22 task cards for learning item attributes through WH questions: What is it? What do you do with it? What is it made of? Where would you find it? What are its parts?
20 task cards for comparing and contrasting items; How are a chair and a rocking chair alike? How are they different? 
20 task cards for thinking and reasoning; Besides a book shelf where else could you put books?
20 task cards for problem solving; Someone spilled milk on the table. What should you do?
2 blank classroom pages, 2 pages of classroom furniture/items in pictures, and 24 directives to follow for pasting the pictures on the background. This could also be used for a barrier activity!

Here's to a great new school year!  Any of these products will help make it so!

Bonus for you!

 My friend CC sent me these after I posted but I wanted to share them anyway. She didn't know I was posting today ;) I love the at a glance pages she created:

Super Planner
-Yearly calendar
- IEPs at a glance page
- Evaluations at a glance page
- 12 monthly calendars
- 52 weekly calendars
- Note page (blank)
- Notes page (lined)
- Contacts page

- Contact Log

-Speech is Super on one page
-“Speech is Super” spelled out on multiple pages to be cut and displayed
-3 versions of Speech Rules
-Noise Levels
-Behavior Clip Chart

Beginning of the Year Activities:
-Fill in the Speech Rules
-Build you own Super Hero

-Super letter to parents

Dean :)


  1. So cute Dean! Love the grade school picture!!! (And thanks for listing all of these great resources!)

    1. LOL, I can't even remember what year this was but noticed I do have my permanent teeth so it had to be after 3rd grade. This had to be from the late 50's or early 60's! Who knew this little girl from a coal mining town in Eastern Kentucky would grow up to be a SLP??

  2. Thanks for this great resource, Dean! I'm going to be putting a lot on my shopping list right now! Also love the picture-you're a cutie!
    Allison's Speech Peeps

  3. Great list of resources!! Off to share, share, share!!

  4. Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Such a cute pic! And thanks for sharing! :)

  6. Awesome resources! thanks!

  7. Thank you Dean! I love, love, love the picture!!!

  8. Good ideas and cute picture. I am always looking for ways to get organized. I live and work across the river in Wayne County. I just moved to Kenova, but lived near Fort Gay for 8 years. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hi Crystal, so glad to meet you! Yes, I lived in Louisa, KY for 16 years and worked out at Blaine Elem. I also worked at the Christian School sponsored by the Baptist Church for a couple of years too! I moved to Johnson City TN a couple of years ago to be near my son and DIL. I'm excited that you read my blog :)

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