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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Impact of Product Feedback

Product feedback isn't just for me or the other sellers, it is for you as well, to help you make a wise and informed decision before spending your money.  So let me share a couple of thoughts about the topic of product feedback and also to reward one lucky person who left me some awesome game changing feedback.  (...and it is literally game changing, you'll see why I say that in a minute).

The obvious reasons for you to leave feedback on the Teacher Pay Teacher products you buy is to share with others what you think of the product and to get credits which can be spent as money on future purchases. Very worthy reasons don't you think?  Each credit is valued at a nickel so 20 credits equal a $1.  It doesn't take long to accrue these credits either.

When you leave feedback you are sharing your opinion which does effect how a future customer will view that product, so your words are very important.  While we all appreciate and love to be stroked with kind words like "Great product!" and "Love it," we would really like to know WHY you loved it.  Likewise, when you say "great product," but rate it less than great, we would like to know in what way you felt it was lacking.   We can improve our products when we receive comments that direct us to make it better.

I received some fantastic feedback this week concerning my WH Question game that I want to use as a perfect example of good feedback. In fact, her feedback alone will cause me to update and add to that product to make it better for you!  Here is what she said:

"I liked the activity but would have liked more places and people also, for asking where and who questions."
She was specific in what she would like to see improved about it.  That I can do! I have to admit that the timing of her comment was perfect because I had just purchased some people and places clipart during the big sale, so it will be easy to add to the product.  I will let you know when I update it, so if you have purchased it you can download it again with the updates!

So you see, we do read your feedback and what you think is important to us and you can impact what we create and direct future improvements.   The moral of this blog is this leave feedback it pays!

Now it is reward time!  That wonderful feedback was left by NICOLE BOWERS!

Congratulations, Nicole Bowers, you just won any downloadable product  (hard goods are excluded) you want from my store!  It's free with my thanks!  Please contact me ( and tell me what you would like to have and I'll get it to you!  And thank YOU for helping me make my WH Question game better!

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