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Friday, August 30, 2013

SLPs Hopping Back Into School-Blog Hop

I am so excited to be participating in my 1st ever blog hop!

I did not know they could be so much fun or that you could get so many wonderful treasures. Everyone is a winner who participates in this blog hop because each participating blogger is offering you a freebie from their individual TpT stores. That means nineteen (Yes, you read that right, 19!) fabulous new items to begin your school year. Also three lucky people will win big time, because we are giving away three major prizes. Our sponsors have been so very generous with donating things some fabulous PRIZES!    Here's what you could win:


Want to play?  Here is all you  have to do. Visit each blog starting at the beginning, read it, click on the that person's FREEBIE to download it.  Next, find the secret letter contained within each person's blog post, remember it so you can enter it in the final blog to register for the prize drawing through rafflecopter located on the last blogger's post.  Easy peasy right?  Now let's get started.

Here's my FREEBIE!   Go download it now, then continue your blog hop for other FREE materials!

Click here

Now you can start collecting the letters you'll need to enter the drawing for the BIG Prizes!  

Here is my secret letter.  It goes with the other letters you will find with the scissors icon on them to spell out a 5 letter word.

Now you are ready to continue your hop!  Have fun!

Click Here

Click Here

All of us sincerely thank our sponsors for their generous gifts to make this the most fabulous of BLOG HOPS!  


  1. Blog hops are so much fun! Thanks for sharing great freebies and prizes :)

    Schoolhouse Talk!

  2. Thanks for the Freebie-It's really fun doing the blog hop!