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Monday, August 12, 2013

Fun Stuff for Your Week

Many of you are back in the groove of school already and many are getting your rooms ready to start again very soon, either way everyone is B-U-S-Y!  If you are anything like me (or the way I was) those first few days back in a new year totally wiped me out. I was good for nothing after I got home in the evenings! So I thought I bet those girls (and guys) don't have time to peruse their blog rolls and see what is going on this week.  It is with that thought in mind that I decided I'd summarize a few of the fun things going on that you might not want to miss.  Things I know you'd want to take advantage of if you knew about it!

#1.  Let me share there is a Back To School blog hop going on that involves 17 SLP bloggers!  You can corral some really fun things for those first few days back in the saddle, partners.  (I bet you hear the clink of my spurs as I type this can't you?)  Seriously though, they are having a giveaway where you can win prizes and get many great freebies..woop-woop..for FREEBIES!   So check this out-
SLP's Back To School Blog Hop   The prizes are pretty amazing and something anyone can use!

#2.  On Tuesday, August 13th, Natalie Snyders is going to celebrate her birthday with a one day sale on a few selected items from her TPT store:   


Wishing you good health, and happiness in the coming year!

#3. Also on Tuesday night you can join in some FUN online and enter to win free items of your choice from Figuratively Speeching SLP! You won't want to miss the SLP Trivia Night with Jessica Schulman.

#4 This is going on all week so you can still jump in on the fun of this one!  Enter to win prizes as Kristin celebrates her 2nd blog birthday!  You are the winner in her celebration.

So take advantage of these 4 great things going on this week.  After all, they are just for YOU!  

Have a great week!

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