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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Getting ready for BACK TO SCHOOL!

It is that time of year when we go back to school with great expectations and hope for a really good year.  This year WILL be better than last year because we are going to make it better!

It is also when we take stock of our materials to see what we have that we can use this year and what needs to be pitched.  Sometimes the things we use daily are so good we simply wear them out and we really do need to replace them. Other times it is simply outdated materials that just need to be thrown away!  I need to pause here and ask how many of you still have outdated materials in your cabinets/closets that you don't use but are afraid to pitch because you "might" need that some day?  I know when I retired I had 17 of those huge black school trash bags full of materials that I "might need" but never did.  So today I give you permission to pitch those things to make room for more current material.

With the creation of Teachers Pay Teachers, Teachers Notebook, and other online marketplaces we now have access to 1000's of fabulous products that are used effectively everyday by SLPs just like you and me.  These are tried and true activities that work.  These activities are created by SLPs and reflect their individual therapy styles.  Just as we all don't like one particular style of clothing or jewelry, we each have our own style of delivering treatment approaches in therapy.  Todays new venue of buying downloads and creating your own material is the perfect solution to tailoring your materials to your teaching style.  And when you leave that position to go on to your next, you can take your materials with you because they are your materials.

This week and weekend is the BIG BACK TO SCHOOL SALE for both Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook sites.  I have duplicate stores at both sites so can visit either one.

My "Little Shop of SLP" at Teachers Notebook has a sale going on today through Monday night.  25% off!  Click here to visit it.

I'll be participating in the Teachers Pay Teachers big sale starting Sunday the 18th and Monday the 19th.    Click here to visit my store there.  Everything in my store is 20% off and TPT offers an additional 10%!

I have created some new things over the summer months that I think you'll find everyday useful.  So take your time perusing my shop and don't forget to look at your wishlisted items because everything in my store is on sale even those bundles that I said I wasn't going to include are included!

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